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OEM Bora/Golf CD/radio players or double din players....

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Hi all

I have just bought a Bora, and it has an aftermarket sony CD player fitted. Would prefer the OEM one or even a double din system!

Can someone point me in the right direction to which OEM systems will fit, recommendations to which are best? As there are quite a few different ones on ebay!

Does anyone have the part numbers/ model numbers for these?

Sorry if this has been covered, I have given it a search but haven't found much!


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Hello pal.

I recently put an OEM CD player in my Golf. This is what you're looking for:

Radio/casette player (called a "Gamma Unit")

Single DIN CD player

There was also a OEM 6 CD changer, and a OEM satnav unit. Don't know much about either, but I do know that the satnav unit is rare as rocking horse sh*t and costs elleventy million pounds.

There is also an OEM iPod control unit you can buy from VW, or aftermarket ones too. You can then control your iPod (in a limited way) using the radio pre-set station buttons. Worth remembering. Have a read of this thread about iPod control:

iPod control info

When I put my OEM stuff in, I got some good advice about NOT doing it. The sound quality isn't as good as it is in a fairly cheap aftermarket unit. Bear that in mind. There's a few guys on here who really know their stuff when it comes to things with electricity in them...

Hope that helps a bit.

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i got a gamma say in my cupboard doing nothing if you want it. £25 its yours. i have no use for it
Thanks for the info, ******!

As for ipod playback, that is something I would want lol, I have looked into aftermarket units, such as the Harman Kardon Ipod connection system, but does not work with ipod touch or iphone!

Gman, thanks for the offer, but I'm after the cd player.

I think I may start looking into a double DIN unit. Have seen a few Pioneer ones, and they look OEM.
no worries mate... it can stay in my cupboard!!
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