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Morning (not Good!) and I need some help quite urgently!

A few days ago I tried to replace the rear springs on my Octavia II TDI estate but failed miserably because of age & arthritis and had to try to put everything back together, but in doing so managed to cross thread the hole in the wheel carrier into which one of the lower shocker bolts fits, and thus I couldn't refit that shocker at all!

This time last week, I took the car into the local Mr Clutch branch (which has been very good to-date, I have to say) and explained, with diagrams & notes, what needed to be done - unfortunately, due their not having the thread tap until the end of last week and then staff shortages, they've been unable to even start the work to fix the problem (which also includes changing the shocker bumpstops for something shorter/softer)!

Therefore can anyone here recommend a place in this locality who could take on the work (or take it on themselves)?
NB: would probably need whoever does it to source a lower shocker bolt (and maybe 4x rear ARB bolts which could do with replacement) but otherwise I already have the other required parts (the springs, upper/lower spring seats, and bumpstops).

The car can be driven gently for shortish distances but I wouldn't want to take it more than a few miles!
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