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Show season is all but over and the winter in heading this way fast! Boo!

As you lot from around the North west are enthusiastic regarding turning up to meets I thought of a little variation during the winter wouldn't go amiss; and those car parks we stand in get kinda cold! What about one sunday during the winter when the roads are quiet a drive into North Wales for some food and an enjoyable spin out to shrug off the winter blues?

There are some pretty fine roads around that area though this isn't no race trip, due to the time of year and to take into account some members will be in their winter cars (Tabs, MikeTDi et al)

Do you fancy it?


How does Sunday 18th December sound, a little gathering and drive prior to Christmas?

As for routes, i'm open to suggestions however Llangollen and B-s-Coed will feature on a curcuit but the route is PM only for obvious reasons but will involve having some food and a photo stop if we find somewhere appropriate.

Needless to say being North Wales we'll all need to be very aware of their policy on speed cameras as so not to get an unwanted Christmas present off the rozzers!

Post up your interest in the usual manner please...
1 - 20 of 51 Posts
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