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Give your insurance company the crime number & details of what happening. Plus contact the police force who issued the fine. Detail all trips you make from now on: either via your mobile/a tracker/dashcam footage. Go over any pics you've posted online and make sure your number plate & VIN number aren't visible. If these are, take down immediately. If you do have to take the car to a garage for servicing/fixing, make sure they know only to speak with you. If you can, stay with it - trust no-one.

Also contact the DVLA to let them know. Anyone with the cloned plate will be able to get a copy of your V5C. Best check on the website to see when the last one was ordered. (Date of last V5C (logbook) issued DD Month Year) If it the date on there is for when you brought the car, then that's good. If not, they you may have problems with proving ownership as the one running the cloned plates can use it to argue, just to make things difficult.

Unfortunately, this can mean you being pulled over/followed more often than you'd like, especially if travelling during the late evening/night time. Even if you change the plate, the original reg plate can be traced back to you. I wouldn't change it, otherwise it can make you look more suspect than the one you accuse of being on cloned plates.

Most on cloned plates get the real owners parking fines & speeding tickets. These aren't used to dodge the ULEZ zones - they use the plates from electric/hybrid vehicles for that, not a mk4 Golf.

This is your car, so you should not change anything about it.
1 - 1 of 4 Posts
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