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Due to the superb weekend we had on the first visit (April/May 05) earlier this year, I have been literally gagging to get back there as soon as practicable.

Once again, I'm just wondering if anyone fancies trooping over for a good bruising round t'ring !!??

Costs were absolutely minimal considering the quality .......

Here's the figures to give you some idea:

1) Norfolkline Ferry (special deal) - Dover - Dunkerque - return for around ? silly travelling times either
2) Dunkerque - Nuerburgring driving is 250 miles each way.........worked out at about ?20 each way at the French/German fuel pump prices in my may pay more if you're less frugal.
3) Hotel - we got holiday flats at 30-Euro/night (B&B) - that's about ?21 each/night.....the rooms were spotless and very newly built.....we were in the middle of the countryside but still only 3km from t'ring !

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4) Ring - 60-Euro for 5 laps......prices vary depending on how many laps you take.
5) Food - Eating out was cheaper than expected.....steak house worked out at about ?20/head inc drinks - the Pizza place was about ?10/head inc drinks. JonXL is to thank for soprting out our eateries!
Small other expenses for lunch time snacks - not mega bucks at all.

Thinking of perhaps early September for a long weekend.......I realise there are no bank holidays but I will take a day off (or two!)

So - here are some 'feeler' dates.......

Sunday 4th Sept

Sunday 11th Sept

Sunday 18th Sept

(I am listing Sundays because what we did last time is Travel over on the Saturday, get one lap in just before they close, then hit it hard Sunday, then come back early Monday).

Give me a clue if you're up for it.......

I'll be reserving places at the Hotel for the original trippers from last time as a priority, but there are many other places to stay if you want to get your own accommodation sorted)

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I'm provisionally up for it. I MAY get the ferry from Newcastle tho and
see where I end up. Meet you all over there. I'll start to investigate!


[EDIT] My darling Cat will be joining us. I just got spanked for leaving her out! [:d]
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