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Not all car designs start with a square box you know! At least an Alfa
looks like an Alfa, this cannot be said of current VAG cars. And before
you flame me, I have mostly owned VAG, and will be buying a new GTI at

I have to agree with Mr Clarkson, you MUST own an alfa at somepoint if
your a true petrol head. Having had the 147 for a couple of months now,
I understand what he means...

As far as realiability goes, well yes there are a few problems with it,
but no more than any golf i've owned. Plus not a rattle in sight!

The car has been to the dealers this week for these issues sorting, and
was impressed with the customer service. Everything i'd asked for has
either been done, or confirmed to be done without any arguments or
excuses. Now tell me a VW dealer like that!

My point is, people in glass houses shouldn't throw stones
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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