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Quote: posted by spanner on 14/01/2004 10:36:14

Apologies for waking an old thread, but I'm starting to succumb to the charms of the 350Z now. Every time I see one I get that "want one" feeling. It's even, rather shockingly, replaced the S2000 (which I have wanted for ages) in my next car Top 5.

Oh and one pulled out of a junction infront of me the other day and all I can say is that the exhaust couldn't have been legal - awesome[:D]

Trouble is, unless I go for an Import, there's nothing out there apart from brand new ones - and they're ££££s !

You can get a new one for list as they still have some left, but it would be full GT pack with Rays. If you wait a little longer you could get a non GT (std car) for list if you can wait a couple of months for I think about £24k. Cheap car for the performance.

Unfortunately it didn't ring my bell.
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