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Newbie alert!

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Hello boys and girls from the VAG community.

I just wanted to say a quick hello to you all to introduce myself.

I live in Earl Shilton, Leicestershire and i own a 2000 Mk4 GT TDi 110 which i have had since July 2010. At the moment it is totally standard (but thats gonna change [;)]) and its my first ever VW that i have ever had. Yes, after 20 years of driving its hard to believe, but after being a mostly Ford driver, (having owned numerous Escorts and Fiestas including 2 XR2's); and then a brief fling with a Peugeot 306 (which was a massive mistake [doh]), im glad to say ive finally heard Wolfsburgs' calling..... so here i am.

Im damn proud to say im a VW owner [:D]
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Welcome dude got any pics?
I will give the car a clean and post some up soon Stuart. Like i said its totally standard at the minute so its not a head turner by any stretch of the imagination but ive got lots of plans for it. Ive had some engine work recently done which is more important than the bling so it had to take preference!

Thing is the previous owner didnt take much care of it cos there are a few scuffs and scrapes (probably trolley rash from the local supermarket) so they will also need looking at soon.

But 2 days after i had it i took the 'GOLF' and 'TDI' off the tailgate and it looks loads better, but like i said there is more to come [:D]

Just give me time [;)]
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