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Hi all, newbie here.
I have recently done a mk1 audi tt 3.2 BHE engine swap into my 2001mk4 golf 2.8 BDE 4 motion which was involving to say the least. Now I'm baffled,
I bought the engine, engine loom , ecu and loom , maf sensor and ignition barrel and key all from the same car .
The 3.2 bhe engine had dsg gearbox but I have used my 4 motion manual gearbox.
Two questions if anyone can help me out at all .
First is the fact the 3.2 BHE ecu loom as the dsg gearbox plug in connector on it ; what do I do with that , where does it go , do I just not use it ?

Secondly the 4 motion engine loom for the injectors and coil packs as a plug in socket cable which connects to the back of the manual gearbox, where as the 3.2 BHE engine loom does not have this cable on the loom .
So do I put my original 4 motion engine loom onto the 3.2 BHE engine or is there some other way around this .

Many thanks in advance, cheers Phil.
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