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New turbo fitted. i found one

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Just a post to have a good moan really and see if anyone can help me if they know of one for sale.

basically my turbo blew before christmas and i have had no car since then. the turbo is damaged beyond repair as its damaged the housing.

im after the pd130 turbo unit. gt1749va from an ASZ

i know that turbo dynamics do a hybrid for 500 plus vat but i have just replaced the standard clutch and really do not want to go replacing it with an uprated.

I cannot even find a pd130 that is damaged as i would buy the whole car and sell for parts but its getting beyond a joke.

ohh i did get a FMIC from a edition 30 today for £10


hi nick

spoke to you today but i have just seen a pd150 turbo and i was wondering where i would stand if i bought it in terms of the map and having it sorted out to unsure its running correctly.


picked up the turbo from liverpool that i foundit came with red boost pipe intake joint and i also got an oil feed pipe for 155 all included.
its a gt1749vb from an arl
got the turbo fitted cranked it over for 15 seconds 10 and then 5
fired it up and left it to idle for 15 minutes.
such an easy job to do as there is loads of room didnt even have to remove the inlet manifold.
i also flushed all of the boost pipes out and in the intercooler i found the other half of my old turbo.
i then went for a drive to make sure everything was ok and was fine on half throttle and then full throttle in second it blew the bottom intercooler hose off popped it back on and it went again so i need to sort that first thing before it goes for mot.
still need to have a chat with nick about it but im just glad to have a car again. been the worst 3 weeks of my life.
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Sorry to hear about your turbo, it must have properly exploded if it's beyond repair, luck of the drawer though, sad times! Where have you tried so far to get a turbo from?? Are you looking to buy a new unit with warranty or a reconditioned unit, or just plain used?

There seems to be several online companies that sell new units, a few that do reconditioned units and you could try online breaker yard search sites so ask around for a used unit. If you use the latter option you can take the chance to dismantle and thoroughly clean the turbo so that the vanes can do their full movement and is not clogged up with soot.

If you are looking to buy new, but standard, I recommend choosing a PD150 turbo as the internals are a little stronger and I think the only mod you would need is a different turbo to pancake pipe, which you could buy used.

Tell us about this Edition 30 intercooler, isn't that a mkV Golf? Just curious as there's potentially a few challenges fitting that if it is, compared to a mkIV PD150 one anyways.
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how did you find that? i would have bought that but its now gone. ive been searching on ebay for

golf tdi turbo


i want to keep with the 130 unit as i have just had it mapped by nick at r tech and i cant afford to buy a new or reconditioned at the moment.

how did you find that? i would have bought that but its now gone. ive been searching on ebay
just typed in ASZ turbo and ticked box to look in description...and it was there mate. Shame its gone[:cool:]
Great minds think alike, and fools seldom differ. [:$]

i have sent the seller an email as i have been told to stay away from the skoda and seat turbos as they are kkk and not the gt1749va turbo.

i have been searching for weeks the way i posted above.

will use your way now.

thanks very much i really appreciate it.
The KKK turbo was fitted to the PD 100 engines, not the 130. That also used the same Garrett turbo as the Golf.
Or there's one here with limited detail, might be a 130 turbo?
ok well i will await responce on the other questions regarding condition and then will hopefully be able to get it ordered today.

thanks very much for all the help.

it seems as its a different part number to mine and is actually a kkk from a fabia vrs

038 253 014c is the number he gave me and mine is


i dont know what to do. i know it will fit but im worried about it not working correct with my map.
madman i want to keep it exactly the same for now as i only had it mapped a week before it went bang and that was when it was snowing. its just been christmas so i cannot really afford to go throwing that amount of cash at it either. i just tried to ring nick to find out about the fabia vrs turbos to see if they will work exactly as the gt1749va turbo.

No probs mate I day is way off too[cry]
pay day is when i get the car back on the road really as i do valeting using the car as well as breaking cars at a friend scrap yard. i cant even get down to look at other cars to buy for breaking at the moment so me and the mrs are living of her apprentice wage. not good at all.


ohh and the intercooler is from a mk5 edition 30 im going to test fit it this afternoon and then try to ring local fabricators to try and get hold of some steel pipe. (steel so i can weld to it for the map sensor)
Yeah, sorry. I checked the Octavia and not the Fabia. It was also fitted to the Polo, and is in fact a KKK turbo, it has also been superceded a couple of times and the replacement is now a Borg Warner unit.
is there any difference in performance and reliability between the kkk and the gt? as i have now been offered one for 150 from a forum member and i would much rather give a fellow dubber the money.


will be back asap i have been told i have to go to asda. (Walking [:mad:])
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