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We now have some new stickers available!

Three designs available (although two pictured above dohh!). Two designs are the web address with red/white text and black/red text. The third design is the roundel logo in blue/white!

Prices are:

?1 each for the website address stickers

?2 each for the Roundel logo stickers

We will be distributing these stickers to all of our regional co-ords very soon, so they will be available at regional meets around the country very soon [:D]

Please help support the forum by purchsing some!

We are also looking into online sale of the stickers but this is subject to change while we investigate Paypal systems of transfer etc.

Quick note:

These were completed in time for GTI International by a company called Select Signs. Based in Bristol they specialise in screen printing and vehicle graphics (they did some of the Revo graphics for Powermaps cars at International). Run by the forums very own Esotril Blue (Mike) they literally bent over backwards to get the stuff to us in time for International - with some pretty hefty set backs from suppliers, and later than expected go-ahead from us, they produced the goods, and very kindly arranged with one of their customers, who was attending International, to bring them with him due to the set backs [^]

Big thumbs up from me - Cheers again for all your hard work Mike!

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lol...i think this idea is getting a little off track...there are plenty of phonelines you could call if you need husky women!!

i'm sure paypal will be fine. even if you charge 50p extra or something i'd still gladly get one

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Quote: posted by R44MS_K on 16/05/2004 18:27:30

will there be a distibuter for these at the "london meet II" ?

Yes, Ram I have arranged with Tabs to have these stickers available for the upcoming London Meet[:D]
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