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New key fob bottom ordered.Qustion

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Hi all,well just ordered myself a new botton half key fob,as mine has seen better days.The new bottom comws with a new battery as im wanting to replace that too.So do i need to program the key again from takeing the old batt out? or is it a straight swap? i remember doing this on my old vectra,& i had 20 secs to do it in
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If it's a new board inside the remote casing then it can only be user programmed if you already have two keys programmed to your car,if you don't then it has to be VAG-COM or a trip to a VW main dealer.

Or if the board is ok and it's only the case that's a mess then just swap the board over,it should work as before once you've done this.If not resync it by turning the key in eiather direction in the door lock and pressing either button.

Thats great thanks.Yep its just the bottom half,board is in good nick.Thanks again chris
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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