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Need: VAG Diagnostics Help in Derby / Long Eaton

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I've currently got massive problems with my wife's Golf MK5 1.6 Immobilser - see original thread:

Before I shell out another £500 to VW (which probably won't fix it btw) I'd really appreciate it if someone could help out with second opinion / temp fix using VAG Com / Commander / Tacho?? Obviously we'd reimburse you.

Or, if someone could guide me through it over phone / email (if I buy the correct software and cable etc, etc.) I'd happily pay for that too.

I'm really stuck here for ideas and I hope someone can help


(summary: Basically, it appears that there are problems with the immobiliser (although VW tell me there is no fault found on all of their diagnostic tests) because it won't allow the car to start. They have already tried to re-program the key which didn't work. I really need to be able to bypass the immobiliser to get the car home and let my wife go to work, then I can save the money to get it fixed for real. the dealership admit they don't have a clue - even though they have had the car for over a week and charged me close to £300 in 'investigation' fees).
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Hey Pal,

I live in Burton and have Vag-Com and mobile test equipment.

I'm not a Technical guru but would run and full scan for you for you.

I had an issue with my N75 on my 1.8T 2 years ago, VW charged me £60 to run a scan which they said came up with no problems.

I purchased my first OBD2 scanner for £120.00 from Ebay a few days later and guess what, came up with an N75 Problem, replaced the part and have been doing my own diagnostics for friends and family since.
I know the bloke at who is based in Long Eaton, more familiar with his Renaults but he might be able to help.

Only problem is he is away at the moment.
Im not far away in Atteborough and have full vag com, feel free to drop me a PM if you want to pop over for a £10 scan
Try disconnecting the battery for 15 minutes. sometimes doing this helps the car recode and reset various issues. Let us know how you get on.
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