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Need a pd 130/150 engine lump

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as above can anyone help me on this , would be much appriciated :)
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Come on Stu, tell us a story, what has happened, have you popped or melted your car engine or is it for a project?!

I melted the cylinder closest to the gearbox on a PD115 a few years ago and I put an online parts requested on a few websites after googling for online auto spares, or similar. I actually replaced the engine with a PD130 lump from a Fabia but everything mated up without issue.
Ive got a PD150 lump sat here not doing much.

well i have a 115 but iv done quite abit to it now ! but why i need a lump is because i fitted 130/150 injectors to it and one of them decided to snap well the little pushrod inside the injector snapped causing it to overfuel very excessively lol ! So i stripped the head of and found cylinders 4 full of fuel and the rest of them had been washed with fuel , so cleaned everything up and built her back up but wont hold any compression ! cylinder one is at 8 bar and should be a minimum of 19 i think the wear limit is ! So new engine is needed , the engine thats in the car has done about 140k . Iv already been on ebay quite a few times but the ones for sale have already been sold as i phoned the guy up last week !
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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