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Need a good drying towel&washmitt! What do you use? What websites?

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After a good washmitt and microfiber drying towel, After reccomendations, what websites are people useing to order supplies?

Also while i'm here what shampoos are highly rated?

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i use a thin chamois type thing, think its goats skin or sumat lol great 4 cleaning windows too :) brought my pajero up lovely but not tried it on the golf yet

Anything by the Dodo juice guys comes highly recommened, especially their wookie/yeti fist wash mit.

Shampoo, personally Chemical guys Maxi Suds or Chemical Guys Citrus Wash n Gloss. Also love the ONR Optimum No Rinse if your after something a little different is your best bet, but if you want to go out and buy product's, you could buy MUC-OFF uber shine for a big bottle(30 washes i think and bright pink) A1 motor stores(not halfords) or meguiars gold class or NXT shampoos and conditioners(non of these will strip wax protection). Wash mitts you can get a really good noodle wash mitt from asda at the moment for £1(raved about on detailing world) i have 20 of them or you could try a sheepskin one off cleanyourcar. Drying towels, halfords sell their own for 6 pound and is very good or once again CLC do a very large drying towel for £10. Hope this helps.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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