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Well that was fun!!! I also got an hours unaccompanied drive of the new GTI.

Turned up at the dealers and saw the GTI being washed ready for my test drive. I strolled in to meet the sale rep, he then did the paperwork, handed me the keys and said "see you in an hour or so"

So what can I tell you that hasnt been said already.... not a lot. Its truely awesome.

Exitted the dealers and stalled it But once I got the feel for the clutch and the extremely responsive brakes, I was off. Heading towards Evesham along the A46 and then around my favourite test track around Ragley Hall. The R32 loved that route and dare I say it, the GTI excelled there too. And if I am honest with myself, the GTI was a far better driving pleasure than the R32.

Power is on tap all the time, in any gear. Very simialr to the TDI. However, there is very little turbo lag. Simply plant your foot in any gear and the engine pulls like a train and doesnt give up! Revs hit the redline effortlessly.

Handling was good, but i didnt push it due to very greasy roads, will hopefully give it more when I get the car for the day. The ride is a million times better than my R32, it firm but extremely comfortable and soaks up undulations with no drama or nasty bangs.

All in all the car feels light and extremely quick. I would say that it is easily as fast as the R32 in normal raod driving, yet is more comfortable and more economical. I did however notice that in the conditions I drove the car, the front wheels did struggle to put the power down and the traction control light blinked like a christmas tree lights! But once underway, the power just kept on coming. Crusing along the A46 dual carriageway, I reach 120mph in no time at all and didnt even realise!

The seats are also fantastic. Holding you in position and supporting well while driving. And I love the chequeed cloth - well smart

I will do a full report, on, after the 24 hour test drive next year, but if i still owned the R32, it would become a deposit for a GTI? - without question! [:D]
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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