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I have just visited my local vw dealership and had an unaccompanied drive in the new Mkv GTI.[:D]

Well where do I start. First things first ? the Mkv GTI is a very very capable car.

So how Do I feel it compares to my R32?

Engine ? The new FSI turbo is quick with very little turbo lag. It doesn?t feel anywhere near as quick as vw?s 3.2l engine ? but is that a fair comparison?

There is no doubt about it that the R is faster ? the GTI runs out of steam at 90-100ish while the R just keeps going.

The FSI unit is very smooth to drive ? the 3.2 feels rougher and is certainly much more raw and involving to drive.

Interior. Well the new golf has it well sorted. The car I drove had full leather ? and it seems really good quality. Not like vw?s attempt at R32 full leather.

There is no doubt about it but the mk5 has been moved up a league from the mk4 interior.

Chassis. The GTI has to be one of the best 2WD cars I have ever driven. It really does hold the road well. It feels as though it rides the corners flat ? with no body roll.

But I found it hard to adjust after the 4wd system of the 32 which is awesome.

What Vw have produced is a great everyday sporty car. It is so much better than the R32 for day-to-day use.

So would I order one? (Considering I cancelled my first Order![B)])

Well the answer is yes. I will be ordering one? As a replacement for the R32 ? No[:I].

I can?t wait to see what Vw?s next R car will be.[8)]
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