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Quote: posted by Irish on 21/12/2004 19:09:27

Yeh but Martyn that's including VRT that I'm quoting. You don't live in the Rep. so you can take VRT (30%) off that price.

I got a Golf from the south in 2001. Ended up marginally cheaper after upping spec etc but it was a good excuse for a jolly! Might be out of date now but basically I:

- Got the price (in "punts" back then I think!) with extras to UK spec.

- Took away the VRT (was between 22% and 30% depending on engine size)

- Took away Irish VAT (was 21%)

- Added on the UK VAT - 17.5%

- Added travel, tax etc.

I'd be interested to know if this still stands and how it works out. Euro rate is probably a big factor now, at the time the punt was weak against the pound so that helped too.

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