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Volkswagen Golf GTI 1.8T LC9Z
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Here's my progress thread for my golf!

Firstly, Here she is! A 2002, Mk4 Golf Gti (1.8t AUM Engine)
Wheel Tire Sky Plant Cloud

Job from Today! Sump off, Cleaned & Oil pickup change! Common issue is blocked pickups, that's that sorted!

Motor vehicle Automotive design Automotive exterior Rim Automotive fuel system

Hood Automotive tire Automotive design Motor vehicle Bumper

Wood Gas Auto part Rectangle Electric blue

Here is my Forge Twinpass Intercooler, was a pain to mount BUT, much improved flow now!

Car Tire Vehicle Wheel Grille

And here's how it looks with some slight modifications to the lower Grilles.

Car Plant Vehicle Grille Motor vehicle

Painted the rear badge to blend in with bodywork colour

Automotive tire Tire Automotive lighting Tread Synthetic rubber

Hood Sports gear Helmet Textile Yellow

Part De-badged, painted badge on
Car Automotive tail & brake light Vehicle Tire Sky

New APS Fuel pump installed! This was a little awkward to get back in to place, but well worth it for the fuelling overhead when it comes to it being tuned!

Watch White Flowerpot Wood Automotive tire

Flush Bora Vents in & Newsouth boost gauge with colours to match the OEM VW LEDS

Forge TIP Installed, Along with Forge 008 Recirc & Ramair Induction kit w/ Heatshield.

More to follow...
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