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Well picked up my new golf around 6 weeks ago, brief spec below

2001 AUM 1.8t

LC6x , 3 door

103,000 FVWSH

Recaro sports interior

Unmolestered and Unmodified

Bargain (so i thought at the time) of £1671 ! thanks Flee bay

Anyways got her home and gave it a clean heres how it looked

Plans are as follows

BBS Lm reps, or Calibre Vintage


TT pedals

Uprate Dog bone mount

Anniversary rear valance

Aero Wipers



Silver interior panels wrapping

Forge 007p

Milltek Discrete

Bora Sport gear knob

Yes all the big things havent been crossed off yet, but money is tight until i start my new job and then i can finally get it how i want it looking, planning on seeing 240hp at least, coming from a 20vt corrado running that im a little bored with current 150hp on tap!

Updates to come very soon!
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