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Theres me trying to think of a DVD me an the missis can get tonight and thought it be a good idea to start a post off like this and everyone put down their 'must see' films? so to give other ideas of what to watch.

Off the top of my head i will start with


Shawshank Redemption

Full Metal Jacket


Pulp Fiction

Reservoir dogs


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  • Ronin
  • Lord of the rings trilogy directors cut (when you have a spare 11 hrs)
  • A time to kill
  • Akira
  • Star Wars
Akira[:O] Cant remember the last time i saw that film!.......If you only see one Japanese Manga film in your life;thats the one to see[H]

Now...wheres my video collection?[:^)]

Oh yeah;and my top films are.In no order.

  • Ronin
  • Leon
  • Alien 1+2
  • Terminator
  • Any Star Wars(except The Phantom Menace)
  • Evil Dead 1+2(so funny[:D])
  • Saving private Ryan
  • The Thing


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Where did you hear of La Haine from? I read of it somewhere, can't think now. It's always been £20 when I look to buy it and can't justify that. [:(]
I can't remember who first introduced me to "la haine"...

All I know is it is a very dark, very moving film...

£20 sounds a lot to pay to be honest.. i managed to pick it up for £7 in an HMV sale... maybe try the online sale with 20% off this weekend?

To be fair its not to everyones taste, but it does make you think and I like that in a film....

My top five are mainly foreign films and I think this is because you have to become involved by reading the subtitles ( a bit like reading a book )

Music, Film etc is very personal...

have a look through everyones top five-ish and you will see what i mean.... each to their own....

If you are interested in "La Haine" look here or here

Also keep your eyes peeled for anything by Spike Lee... Clockers spings to mind....

If you can't find a copy of the above then PM me and I will see what i can do!
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