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Mot place :(

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Was told last year that my engine might need a rebuild before the next mot as it was burning oil and as i`m not working and cannot pay for that work but still needing the car

tryed xado atomic metal conditioner in the oil and for once the blue smoke was gone after a few hundred miles ( still have white smoke now and then but thats just water ive been told ) and fitted a catch tank to stop that :)

so on the 24th of last month went for the mot and it failed but not on smoke but on brake pads and offside front constant velocity joint gaiter damaged which is cheaper then an engine rebuild :)

so i asked how much for the work to be done mate hoping it would be cheap he said £90 ( pads trade £5 - i got them for £9 with postage and the gaiter for him £5 tops i got a kit for £11 ) so i said i will get the work done and be back before the 10 working days are up for him to have a look.

so i ordered the pads and a spilt gaiter kit which came a few days later :) pads on passager side where very low but the discs are so worn that they both have lips on the edges ( nothing on the mot about them and i would not pass them ) so had to order them as well just to be on the safe side , now as for the gaiter damage my aR$e he just put on some yellow mark paint the metal straps and just pumped some grease on the rubber to make it look like its damaged.

me and a mate where under the car for hours making sure he had just not put the wrong details down but all the gaiter look new to me and my mate so ive just scotch britted off his yellow marks and cleaned off the grease and when the discs turn up i will be phoning up before the 10 working days are up ( does bank holiday count as a working day ? ) and see how much he want charge to see it..
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Do you use this garage as a regular ? that would be no it was just close to home only a mile ..
Are the cv boot clips in good condition? look brand new no rust or damage to the clips ..
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If that's all it failed on then should be okay to take to Council-run MOT place. Will have to pay again but I wouldn't want to take my car back to someone who's done that to it.
Sounds suspect to me! Take her to a different tester for sure as mr hungry said will have to fork out for another test.
going to phone when ive got the work done to see how much it will cost if he asks more then £15 im going to report him to my sister inlaw who works for the council trading standards :)
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