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Montreal to Mk V GT wheel conversion

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Hi All,

I'm thinking of swapping my montreals GTI IV 16 5J to the Mk V GT style (1K0601025AN) wheels, aware I will need adapter plates to make 5j x 100 fit 5j 115mm, has anyone done this and how do the adapter affect position of the wheel in the wheel arch etc.

And will it all work??

Thanks in anticipation.

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The Mk5 pcd is actually 5x112 not 115 if you thinking of ordering adapters. I have seen some 30th anni wheels on a mk4 they looked nice and sat really well in the arch don't know what spacers he had on it though.
The adapters are also spacers as there is no way to simply adapt without having a chunk of metal between wheel and hub for bolts to go into. Thinnest are 20mm, so that's what you get - 20mm further out to the arch.

H&R do them for convering 5x100 57.1 bore to 5x112 57.1 bore. Not cheap though at £150 per pair. See

If you take that £300 and add it to the cost of the Mk V GT wheels then you've got a massive amount to go toward some wheels that actually fit without adapters.

There are cheaper adapters on ebay, but unless I was wanting to fit a really really special wheel I don't think I'd bother.
Thanks Chaps, yes I've seen the cheaper adapters as you say it's chunk of metal. I'll keep looking for some cheap Ronal wheels, the plans was to swap then do mine up and flog them to offset the costs.!
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