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I'm with admiral, no mods though!

Use to be with Elephant, who are the same company, and they didnt like my mods! Perhaps it was cos I had one years NCB and only 19 then! They charged me £55 for my suspension for 6months remaining and £15 for an exhaust, which i never fitted and they got arsey about! When my renewal came through it had gone up about £200 from the previous year!

I think its mainly age dependant! You can always ask them for a quote on the extra!

ppl like Liverpool Victoria are a modders insurer, so do decent policys like this, not sure what their cover is like! Was with HIC who liked my mods, but when i went to cancel the policy after 4 months it was a nightmare, not very helpful etc! Thats why i'm now with a big company!

hope this is of some use!
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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