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Looking for a bit of advice from anyone who may experienced anything similar.

We have had a mobile broadband dongle for 12 months (of a 24 month contract) which has been great up until now.

I ran a coverage check before we moved house and it showed similar speeds with 'excellent' 3G coverage. Since we moved into the new house 1 month ago, we have not had downloads speeds over 0.5Mbps.

The service provider has confirmed that there is an issue with the mast in our area and it a 'priority' issue. Their ETA was originally mid Dec, then late Dec and now it's the end of Jan.

This means we will have been without a usable service for 2 months (if it is actually resolved by the end of Jan).

Any ideas where we stand with this as the Customer Services have been useless. Failed promises with Manager callbacks and email correspondence has not been responded to.

Thanks is advance.
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