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MkV Owner Newbie from Newcastle

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hello guys,

my name is mooch, I live in Newcastle upon Tyne and I drive a VW Golf MK5 1.6 FSI SE on a 54 plate for which I have happily owned for around 6 months.

My main incentive on joining the forum is for advice on the car because I find my self wanting to know stuff now and again that the manual doesn't explain, alongside the possibility for a bit of entertainment. I have after searching through the forum already got a a couple of questions to ask so will get cracking. . .


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Wlecome mate good to see another member from the north east
Your in the right place to ask questions. Welcome
here is one of my first posts which asks questions, I haven't had much luck with a reply yet so wonder if I've done something wrong like post it in the wrong area or whether people can't offer me advice as it's a kodak (see what develops) fault? Any way here it is. . .

1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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