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MKIV GT TDI 150 Spares/Repairs

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Looking for some advice... I have had a 03 PD150 GT TDI for a few years now... car has been pretty solid and no major issues, just the standard shocks, exhaust etc etc needing replaced (it was all the originals still on the car sio can't really complain!). Few weeks ago I got the dreaded knocking noises and erratic rev's loss of power etc. Mechanic reckons its the top/small end away, recommended a replacement engine as he reckoned this would be cheaper in the long run that stripping/replacing parts... . I think reading on here, there's a possibility it might be the dreaded "PD150 chocolate cam issue" which reading some comments in forums displays a similar set of symptoms with people initially thinking it was a top end issue...

Given the costs of repair and the fact the car is 12 years old, I reluctantly decided to replace the car - (that decision took over a week) I have ended up with a Mondeo... yes you read that right a mundeo...due to budget and availability at least its a Ghia X with some toys...

Anyway to the point... Looking to part company with the Golf, but not sure what these should go for when selling for spares/repair? It's a 03 plate, 155K, grey leather heated seats (drivers a bit worn but still ok, rest of the seats are very good). In the last year or so its had new springs, shocks, Cat, full exhaust and 3 weeks ago a full service with new front discs/pads. The montreal II alloys were also refurbed last year with new tyres on the front in December..

Want to be realistic with the price, but at the same time, need to recoup as much as possible from the car...

Don't have the time/space to strip parts off to break, so it would need to be as a runner with acknowledged engine "issue"

Any advice on pricing would be gratefully recieved


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I doubt youll make as much as you would like by selling it whole, Anywhere between £600 - £1000 if your really lucky but probably nearer the lower end of the estimate.
I doubt youll make as much as you would like by selling it whole, Anywhere between £600 - £1000 if your really lucky but probably nearer the lower end of the estimate.
To be honest I can't even see it being worth £600 as the engine is knackered, the rest of the parts although replaced recently are still used and have little value and seeing the fact you can pick up a running car albeit petrol for around £600.

I would have thought £350-£500 max
I paid only £750 from a mate for a PD150 GTI with a dodgy engine and similar miles. It also had LCR brakes, JOM coilovers, cast wishbones, arbs etc. So I would have thought 500ish realistically for yours. The amount of time and effort it takes to break a car people dont want to pay much for them :(
nah like he said it is 100% oem so the car is worth scrap value (regardless of the new parts and the fresh montreal II).... so if you can get 400 you should be happy... not to long ago I almost bought a chocolate cam problemed pd150 (full optioned) for the agreed price of 300... just to get there and to see the car was stripped of certain interior parts, that made me decide to not buy it... all in all... if you can get the car off the road sorn it and fix it... sell the mondeo afterwards or sell the golf after it has been fixed. that way you get your money back one way or the other, but I would sell the mondeo as soon as the golf is fixed.
If you do decide to break it or someone on here buys it to break I'd be interested in the leather interior with door cards etc. but only if its a 5dr, wheels and net optic trim if its got it. Possibly a few other bits if they were cheap enough. I'd buy the whole car myself but wouldn't know where to start with breaking one and don't have the room until the previous owner of my flat hurries up and clears his stuff out the garage.
Hi greame where abouts are you located ? i may be interested in the full car ....
I am just outside Dunfermline... have attached a pdf with the ad and some pics I was going to post..... also now I have the mondeo and the heat is off for transport, considering replacing the cam myself....never done a timing belt change myself, so not sure of setting it up post change, but camshaft kit doesn't seem that costly (seen them for £2-300) and if it means the difference between getting scrap or a reasonable price might be worth doing....Or it could go horribly wrong.. at least at the moment the car still runs...I could just end up with a non runner and a further 2-300 quid down :wacko:
It is do able not too difficult you just have to take loads off just to get to the headgasket. Ps while you have it off you might as well chuck in a timing belt kit, waterpump and aux belt + tensioner as you'll have to take it all off. In total it will cost you about 600 in parts but it is worth it in the long run. Because if I would buy it from you and you re-used the old stuff I would offer at least 600 less.
Thanks.. Aux belt and tensioner was done recently.. Thought there was and issue with steering rack but it was the belt tensioner causing the belt to slip on the sterring pump.. New belt and tensioner fixed that....Cambelt was changed not that long ago.. Would probably change the cambelt anyway...
Grey interior won't help the value - but I bet the mundano has better handling :)
Grey leather seats are quite uncommon.

If in good condition you'd get £200 easy.

I'd say it depends how much time you have spare. Time and effort to fix things can be well rewarded but you might have to chuck loads of money at it to only get the same question as it if it's worth while with your time and effort.
Thanks for all the advice.... looks like it will be going in the paper for spares repair.. don't have the time at the moment to fix, bit of a bu99er, but there you go... shame... really liked the car... oh and no the mondeo doesn't handle better!!! mondeo's a big comfy car right enough......just doesn't have the same poke as the Golf....and does less MPG!
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