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mk5 gti alarm help!!!

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had my mk5 gti 2005 for about 6 months now and the alarm ( factory standard ) go's off by itself???

its done it about 5 times when i look outside theres no one around why is it doing this?
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have you had it scanned on vcds yet mate? and is your rear washer working ok even though its a mk5??

also try de-activating the interior sensors with the button on the B-pillar, but if its intermittent it may be a PITA to find
a couple of times when im reversing the rear wiper turned on by itself
If you have the front wipers in an active state when you s elect reverse, the rear wiper activates automatically. This is not a fault so nothing to worry about.
i'v read in a few forums the alarm problem could be the cold weather?

1st I would suggest scanning the car with vag-com for faults

then look in the measuring blocks to see what the trigger is

if it is the interior sensor you can turn down the % in adaption
Yeah could be a sensor or the rechargeable batteries in the siren are on the way out.
my mk5 done this on boxing day and i couldnt get it switched off.. eventualy stopped itself.

pretty sure mine is the rear washer been playing up for a while and now it is squirting at a angle

bit of the subject but anybody know how to higher the alarm up mines realy quiet or is it a vag-com thing
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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