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MK5 Golf fuse card

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While troubleshooting my draining battery issue I found that the manual is useless for identifying what fuse is for what. Anyone know the missing ones below?

FUSE AMP Function
F2 5A
F3 5A
F4 30A ABS
F5 15A
F6 5A
F8 15A Radio
F10 5A
F12 5A
F13 30A
F15 5A
F16 30A ABS
F17 15A horn
F19 30A front windscreen wiper
F22 5A
F23 10A
F24 10A rad fan
F25 30A lights
F26 30A lights
F27 50A
F28 40A
F29 50A
F30 50A

FUSE AMP Function
F1 10A headlight control
F2 10A ABS
F3 5A
F4 5A windscreen washer jets
F12 10A central locking front
F13 10A rain sensor
F14 10A ABS
F15 7.5A
F23 30A Front electric windows
F24 20A central locking rear
F25 25A rear window heater
F27 15A fuel pump
F40 40A Blower
F41 20A rear window wiper
F42 20A 12v socket in front and back
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Thank you but the ones I know don't line up with the ones in that post :(

Also the engine fuse box layout is different to mine (2007 GT sport TDI 140ps DSG)
There are various ones round the net it might be worth going to an indie dealer and see if you can snap one up for a small fee to get it car specific.

My power drain ended up being from a faulty radio that got so bad it was turning on and off at its own will. It can be worth getting a multimeter and pulling it out fuse by fuse.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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