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I've just had a mailing from the VW dealer that supplied my car.
Sounds like a good price (even cheaper than specifying from the
factory!) but I'm not sure about using it in urban areas though -
sounds a bit dangerous to me!

I've typed the wording as in the mailshot - they've got 3 branches in the North East (Lookers Volkswagen)


Take a cruise for only ?195

Cruise control fitted to your Golf or Golf Plus at Lookers

Relaxed and stress-free are the benefits of any cruise. And
cruise control on your volkswagen is no different. Cruise
controls offers the ultimate in worry free driving, particularly in
urban areas filled with speed cameras. Quick and easy to
use, you simply touch the button to set the speed and remove the worry
of being caught on film. Now Gold drivers can have the benefits
of cruise control added to their car for only ?195. Cruise
control be fitted to any Golf MKV or Golf Plus 06 with multi-function
display. Why not call into your local Lookers branch and find out

1 - 20 of 31 Posts
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