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Mk4 side skirts?

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Hi peeps,does anyone know where i can get hold of some good replica r32/anni side skirts (plastic) for a 3 door and not the crap? [:)]

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Hofele make some quality kit so i agree, go with the 2nd link...
I take it there`s no messing around with the Hofele kit then? Just paint them and wack them on lol?
Yeap but maybe the first link will actually fit the same, they seem to be selling well, at that price im not suprised.
Will email them both and see what they say. Cheers [Y]
i was gona buy the 1st linked ones they seem good enough, yicker can you reply back here with what they say? cheers...
What is the difference between R32 and Anniversary skirts? Is it the depth or is there a design difference too?
Or there is always the Gutter kit!!!

check out my build thread...[clap]
Or there is always the Gutter kit!!!

check out my build thread...
You Sir, are a Legend I will have a proper read through what you have done later
[Y] The 1st link said they are ready to go straight on [:D]
You soooooooo gotta make me some of them gutters [:O] lol
Got a genuine drivers side R32 skirt in reflex silver if you want it? £70 delivered if your in the uk that is!? PM me. All you need to do then is find a passenger side. They're £191+vat each from my stealers at the mo.
Would be a right pain trying to find just 1 wouldn't it? [:cool:]
Worth a pop for ?70 ? Could even buy one from the stealers and it'd only cost you ?260ish instead of ?450.
1 - 16 of 16 Posts
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