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Quote: posted by JMcQueen on 12/01/2005 13:57:51

The cars already been repaired hasnt it? Thats my understanding of it. It says that its been repaired at a VAG approved place.

I don't believe so:

Bad Part About Show Stopper

The car hadn't been involved in any type of accident until yesterday evening when I colided with a dividing barrier on a corner exiting the motorway but it's not as bad as it sounds which you can see from the pictures, mainly cosmetic damage and hasn't been recorded.

Even though it only started life as a non sports model (Granny Golf) the car would have of been worth at least double if it wasn't for the fresh damage that it sustained although this is now being repaired at end of auction so you'll have a fully working drivable car which looks the business.
1 - 20 of 103 Posts
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