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Mk4 PD150 coilover quick question

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Im fitting some FK coilovers to my car next week and ive bought new top mounts and bearings also bottom arms.

I just need to make sure if i can use the standard droplinks as im only going -35mm all round so would i need to buy adjustable ones or not.

Also anything else that might be a good idea to replace while all these parts are off ?

Thanks in advance !
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Drop links will be fine at 35mm, what made you opt for coilovers if you're only dropping that much?
My friend had them in his garage for about 18 months whoever he ordered them off sent him golf mk4 when he had a 330d bmw and he never sent them back, and seeing as i was replacing the top mounts and bottom arms i thought why not give them a try.
Ah fair enough, makes sense to utilise them then.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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