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Mk4 gti front chin splitter

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Looking for maybe and chin splitter like the seat
Here's the item number
eBay 221120448759
If any of you guys /girls have this fitted on your golf
Post some pics debating to get one
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They're not a direct fit,it will need a bit of bending and persuasion to get it sitting just right.I've had one for about two years now I might get round to fitting one day :whistle: .

Oh and you can buy them from any VW main dealer for that price or a bit less but without the carriage cost.
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Cheers mate for the fast reply yeah that's fine I'm going to buy one I know my bumper is standard but I know it would look nice and low
As yours is a r32 shouldn't make a lot difference
Hey get that in your car and post me up mate they look good :)
IMO: on a normal bumper it looks crap. It only looks good on the R32 bumpers. you want the front lower? get an anni front lip and if that isn't enough put the car lower ( you've got coilovers so no excuse to not slam it down further ;) )
Lol they look ok with stadard remember my car is low and the etc lip looks good this old boy got near me be nice to know if anybody got it on here .
They do also reduce your ground clearance by a significant amount.
I bet they do thinking of speed bumps could be a. Issue
I still think it looks crap on a standard lip... it reminds me of a bad episode of pimp my ride: Yo dog you know we didn't get you the R32 bumper but we got you the cupra r lip connect to the original lip so now your car got more lip than ever before! ... 1 word for it: stupid!
Catch them lips on speedhumps and you'll end up with flappy lips.
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