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hi there all, new to all this so i hope this is in the right forum,

im looking to put a 1.8 turbo engine out of a golf gti mk4 into my 1.4 golf mk4.

just wondering if anyone could help me with information on what engine code i should get, what i need to do it, any problems i might come across etc etc.

all help would be greatly appreciated.
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welcome along.

besides the engine you will need the gti brakes and other bits,

have you done a lot of mods to the car to warrant swaping the engine?

also if not why build and put an engine into a car when 1.8t gtis are already available,there is a phrase dont build what you can buy.
its a standard 1.4 2002 , the reason for doing the build it because i cant afford the insurance on a gti wayyyyy to expensive even thou im 20 , thanks.
but your insurance will be the same if you put a turbo in your 1.4. if you asking in a way that you intend not to declare this to your insurance company you wont get a good response from the members on this forum.

if you cant afford the insurance on a 1.8t you wont be able to afford the penalty from an accident when your insurance company wont pay out on your 1.4 with a 1.8t undeclared engine.

and if you kill someone in that accident[:(]
Not sure why you would want to put a 1.8T in your car if you can't insure it?
Depends what you current mk4 has/hasnt got.

I stuck a AGU lump in mine and swapped the full interior loom to make it the GTI, upgrade to computer in clocks, alarm, other little sensors such as outside temp, and coolant level.
but did you declare that chris, from his second post i gather the op was not going to
I guess thats his choice at the end of the day.

Im sure there are plenty of other people who havent declared a mod on here....
Maybe, but you panel filter or sports backbox still is a great get out clause for insurers.
not declareing a set of wheels or coilovers is a far cry from putting a 1.8t in a 1.4 car with 1.4 other bits like brakes, and its not his choice if he wants to delcare it he must declare it

scenario 1 he fits the higher power engine does not declare it and ploughs into the back of you as his brakes cannot cope, you having your wife and say 18month old baby in the car find out that insurance wont pay out a bean because his insurance is void, will you still say its his choice then or are you going to wrap a bar round his head as your kids in hospital.

i declare everything and ill guess the more responsible people on here will have too.

also at not answering the question ill guess you have not declared putting a agu into your 1.4 listed in your sig
hi there all, new to all this so i hope this is in the right forum,

im looking to put a 1.8 turbo engine out of a golf gti mk4 into my 1.4 golf mk4.

just wondering if anyone could help me with information on what engine code i should get, what i need to do it, any problems i might come across etc etc.

all help would be greatly appreciated.
Didn't you post the same question on golfgtiforum or was it vwvortex and got told the same thing?

I would say the same thing, if you can't afford to insure it, you cannot afford to run it. You haven't thought about the running costs and maintenance costs if your going to do it justice. How do I know? The fact you posted on a few forums already asking the same question with hardly any post count in full caps lock without so much a search on here shows that.

Save yourself the trouble, if you need to ask these questions and cannot use your own initiative then you cannot drive the conversion forward and the engine will just end up on ebay like so many others. If you was to pay someone to do it you wouldn't be able to afford to either which is why you've avoided buying the gti.

Save yourself hassle and trouble, drive about in whatever car you got and save up your no claims bonus like everyone else does until its affordable!
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although looking at just the start of your build thread which is immense no one would go to that trouble and effort only to not declare in case you lose the whole lot with no insurance but why then advocate that its ok to not declare any mod at all
Where did i say i agreed with it being ok?

I said its down the guys personal choice as to whether or not he insures his mods or not.
I'm not sure whether or not you declare your mods Chris but I don't think it wise to aid others if they're going to be doing things this way. Should leave him to it, not something you want to get involved in, if he does manage to do the conversion it's nice to know that you didn't in any way aid that and if he doesn't do it then even better.

As I said though, dont think he'll manage to do the conversion himself
Fair point rock monkey.

Its not the worlds hardest conversion since its pretty much swap for swap on everything. Plenty of information out there....

Shall leave it at that [:D]
an engine conversion is not a mod its an engine conversion

a guy walks into a school with a few hand guns and kills quite a few kids but that was his choice.

its complacent to say at the end of the day its his choice to declare, but its people like that who are the reason we pay higher insurance, its not something you can take or leave
my point made better by rockmonkey

also left at that
sorry guys didn't mean to cause any arguments, obviously i am all new to this forum, i haven't posted any previous threads on any other websites or forums as i am not registered on any others, this one was recommended by a friend. i was eventually going to declare it as the build would be done over a year so then i will be able to afford the insurance. in the meantime i would carry on driving my run about until the build was complete.

your right in saying why build what you can buy, but i wanted to build it because i cant afford insurance yet on a gti plus once the builds done i can jump into it knowing its all done to my liking and all other mods will all be done aswell, whereas if i waited a year and brought a gti i would have to start modifying when i purchased it. because i already have the 1.4 golf it would make sense to do the build over time.

again sorry for any confusion etc..

any info on the build would be greatly appreciated all i know so far is that i need the obvious which is engine gearbox loom brakes suspension, what engine code would be best? do you have to decode ecu? what else do you have to change? thanks again.
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I'm not convinced there's any benefit in talking about something that might not actually happen, once you get the money and worked everything out then it's worthwhile talking about this. As a wise chinese dude once told me: "No money no talk"

However if you want advise on modifying your 1.4 i.e. rims, tyres, body, interior, ice etc. and suspension/brakes if your going to do it properly then by all means feel free to ask away.

But please understand that this is a closely knit forum, we have a nice community and none of us will condone or aid in any dodgy conduct, it is a public forum and read by many, we have a good reputation and would like to keep it that way. We're not just behaving this way because it is expendient but because it is right.
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