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MK4 GTi 1.8t - Potential Purchase

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Hey all,

Long time since i've been on here, so sorry to make my returning post a request for help!

I've decided its time to get something a little more modern than my mk2, so looking at mk4 1.8t's. I have come across a 51 plate 3dr (silver) with 76k miles, full heated leather interior, climate control, 1 owner, 10 stamps in book, cambelt done, very good condition all over. The car is at a dealer for £4499, so with a bit of haggling could be down to the £4k mark. Its not the cheapest mk4 i've seen by a long way, but its a low mileage example with 1 owner and a FSH.

Anyone have any opinions on what i've described above?
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Its alot to pay for a standard mk4 but then it does have 1 owner FSH and will come with some kind of warranty. Id say go for it.

Cheers for the help mate. Stuck between this and a Fiesta ST, today is decision day... Hopefully Back to the Future will help me decide!
Dont make the same mistakes i made ,i got carried away with the sale & forgot to check all the basics.verify the mileage .check all the mot tickets .check all paperwork and very carfully look over the car.Dont relie on things like HPI checks & just because its being sold by a dealer dont asume he has done all the checks.
mk4 all the way! fords got no build quality.

shop around that sounds quite alot for a 51 plate, my brother recently picked up a 2000 1.8t for £995
well i went straight for a 1.8 gti and loved it ever since, bit moified t reg 96 on the clock for 2600, that 1 is deffinently worth the money if its the style u want!!
i paid 2750 for 51plate black 3 door, fvwsh, 89k, mint condition with 1 bullet type dent on front wing. with custom code stage 1 with diverter valve with receipts for evrything!
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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