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Mk4 GT Tdi 110 AHF water pump gone?

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Started my car this morning, and left it to warm up before I travel. About 10-15mins later fully defrosted and ready to go, I got in and noticed some smoke/steam emerging from under the bonnet. I opened the bonnet and it appears to be coming from the cam belt cover, I instantly checked the water level. There was none in the bottle, I know that there was the day before because I checked all the levels.

Am I correct in assuming that the water pump has popped its seal/leaking?[cry]
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when my watter pump was on its way i had no heat from the blowers and no water coming to the returnpipe on the water expansion tank? threre could be a possabilty that water pump is leaking how old is the pump
I did have hot air coming out of the heater when I noticed this problem. I have absolutely no idea how old the pump is, I know that when the cambelt was done 30k ago the water pump appared fine, no signs of leakage. Considering the old girl has done 194k I have nothing to complain about. Ill get the car recovered into work tomorrow and have an investigation.[;)]
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