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I bought a pair of OEM Xenon r32 headlights and I want to put them on the car that does not have xenon. I found the transition from T12 to T10, the headlights work, but I have a few questions:

1. On the left headlight there is a connector with 3 : brown, black and blue/white wires (from what I found on the internet, only the brown and black wire is connected to the leveling motor, the blue/white one I don't know where it connects)
2. Pins 10 and 12 remain on the left headlight (red and blue which are from the leveling motor, front and rear). What is the power supply for autoleveling (front and rear) Can I use the autoleveling without anything else? (only the headlights and the autoleveling without relay 192).
3. Can someone help me with a diagram for both R and L headlights?
I have attached some pictures below:


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