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mk4 golf track rod arm

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hi i need to change my track rod arm on my mk4 as 1 its bent and 2 the bush has gone is it a simple job i have replaced every other suspension and braking component bar these if some one could give some advice to me that would be great thanks in advance
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Yeah simple enough to do :) i would change both ends whilst you have the arm out just remember how many turns they are screwed on for tracking purposes.
simple to do, just slightly lossen the locking nut then remove old screw on new and retighten the lock nut, you may have to get your tracking re done,
Have a little accident with a kerb then did we?

Easy job, as above.
cheers guys i was gonna do it today but woke up ill so not been able to and i need to change it to get tracking done aswell i never crashed it either its been like it since i got it could never notice till i slammed it
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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