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Mk4 Golf Lock Module Number?

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Could anyone tell me what the part number for a Non-Central Locking door module is? I cannot seem to find any that are for the poverty spec cars that don't have central locking fitted?

Would a central locking motor work the same, apart from the fact that it wouldn't be wired up at all?

If it helps - the car is a 1999 5 Door 1.4E.

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Sorry to be the kid that bumps the thread after one day, though it's fairly urgent...
You could actually use one with all the central locking gubbins if you can't find one that's non c/l.The non c/l ones were only used on the earlier cars AFAIK,so won't have been available new for quite some time now.
@Imagewerx ok thank you! So it would all work same as usual, just not connected up?
I've never tried it,but can't think of any reason why it wouldn't work.
Ok sweet, cheers man!
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