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Mk4 golf electrics problem?

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I'm wanting to get my 99 gti agu working fine, I've noticed a few things wrong with the lights and I'm wondering if anyone knows what could be wrong with it,

The lights at the bottom of the doors don't work,nor does the boot light work, the drivers side light above the door comes on when I open the doors via remote also the centre console light where the electric sunroof doesn't come on or off? All the lights work when you manually switch them on but not when they are suppose to?

Finally there is no light on the dash when a door or the boot is opened?

I've bought a replacement control unit and a passenger door lock ( as this came up on a recent vagcom check) will these fix these problems?

I've checked all the fuses and bulbs and all seem fine,

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These two will answer most of your questions.....



And this one why you should never buy things based on the evidence of OBD scan tools.....


Having said that doorlocks are a real Achilles heel on these cars,so MIGHT be faulty.

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These are the results from a recent vagcom scan, I've bought another ccm unit and passenger door lock, I'm wondering if it will be the ccm at fault as all the doors lock and windows work fine, when I press the lock button from inside the doors lock but the passenger side opens again so I'm guessing that's the main fault?
Address 46: Central Conv.??????? Labels: 1J0-959-799.lbl
?? Part No: 1J0 959 799 AH
?? Component: 4V Zentral-SG Komf. 0001?
?? Coding: 00257
?? Shop #: WSC 00028?
?? Part No: 1J2959802C
?? Component: 2H T?rsteuerger. FS0002r?
?? Part No: 1J2959801D
?? Component: 4V T?rsteuerger. BF0001B?
3 Faults Found:
00943 - Heated Exterior Mirror; Driver Side (Z4)
??????????? 35-00 -? -
00929 - Locking Module for Central Locking; Front Passenger Side (F221)
??????????? 27-00 - Implausible Signal
00944 - Heated Exterior Mirror; Passenger Side (Z5)
??????????? 35-00 -? -
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As I said above and went to great lengths to point out in that guide,DON'T buy anything until it's in your hand and you're 110%certain it is actually broken and beyond repair.

I can scan my car that I know doesn't have any of these faults and it can throw up all sorts of ghost codes (ones that aren't really there),and I can scan cars with known faults that will come up with "No DTCs present".

Yes the doorlock modules and the CCM are known to give problems,but the problem you're getting sounds like nothing more than a dry solder joint which can be easily fixed by anyone with a £5 soldering iron.

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