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mk4 golf 8v engine swap

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hi need urgent help my 1.6 8v auto has blown a gasket and i can get my hands on a 1.6 16v manual but will the engine go straight in. what would i need for the swap i have a full working 16v

any help would be great as im new to vws


newbie jon
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It will physically fit but you will need the loom and ecu. You could physically fit the autobox, not sure if the gearbox ecu software would need any attention to make it change correctly?

For manual conversion you need the shifter and all linkages, probably different gearbox mount, a clutch pedal assembly as well as a manual car pedal box, then the associated master/slave cylinders.

Its a huge job tbh, having your hg sorted might be a much cheaper easier option, the 16v didn't have any more power so there is no benefit there.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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