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I have a VW Golf MK4 - AHF engine that starts vibrating when doing climbs specially if i don't start doing that with high speed.
If i go on a straight line or down street it is fine and it does not happen.

There is a vibration that vibrates the car and if i reduce from 4gear to 3rd gear it continues vibrating

The car has the following things:
-Duall mass flywhell - LUK - complete set changed 60.000KM - There are no vibrations on idle
-Injectors were repaired and calibrated - they were damaged and damaged the old duall mass flywhell
-Engine mounts are fine
-Diesel pump was repaired (Due to hot start issues)

Diesel Pump - IQ - I Don't know if it is fine or not or the correct value for the IQ.

What can be the reason for this problem?

Best regards :)
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