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Mk4 1.8T Rear Braided Brake Hoses

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I believe the Mk4 1.8T has 6 hoses and you can get braided hoses for the mid and front sets but can you get braided hoses for the rear?
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No because they already are strengthened and are actually part of the rear brake pipe, its all one peice from the rear axle backwards.
I recently upgraded my brake lines to Hel braided versions for the front and mid section whilst also fitting and R32 front and rear setup.The guy I bought them from who sells on ebay was really helpful and is a hel agent and actually makes the lines to sell on.

Apparently he has made a set of braided lines which go from the mid section all the way to the caliper and do away with the brake line thats attached to the rear axle. It was a custom job and I'm not sure if it would yeild any benefits but it is possible and has been done.

Braided hoses look nice and may offer better protection and perhaps give a very slight ly better feel but will do nothing for braking performance compared with good quality standard hoses that are in good condition. Replacing a solid pipe with a braided hose cannot be an improvement IMHO, simple physics

Braided hoses have got to be one of the least cost effective improvements going for a road car
Personally, I think as part of a complete upgrade package, braided hoses are a sensible choice, even if it is hard to quantify a specific gain from them alone.

I do agree though that theres no point in replacing a solid pipe with a braided hose. I was just pointing out that its possible, even if there is no point.
The thing is though the hoses, on modern vw certainly, are very strong and don't 'balloon' like older cars used to, even with high miles and age. So the benefits are pretty low these days, check out even a brand new mk2 golf one for example and compare, you'll see what I mean.
I'm sure modern hoses are stronger but under higher pressure, the weakest part of the systems after the hard lines will be the hoses and even if it's more for piece of mind, surely a braided hose would be less susceptible to ballooning than a non braided. I understand R32 lines came as standard with internal braiding so there must be something in it and for me, R32 lines were not the right fit, much more expensive and not a cool translucent blue colour like the Hel lines.
They make a massive difference on motorbikes.
I have a custom streetfighter and custom harley sportster so I had to have custom brake lines and they were quite cheap about £60 for each bike and you can choose the colour, fitting, angle of fittings, length, diameter, choose banjos and come with copper washers. I've been very impressed with the quality of the hel custom lines
That Goodridge set is expensive.

Seem to recall I got my set of 6 pipe set custom made by Hel for around £80 to £90.

Made up the rigid pipe going down the beam arm to the calliper myself

Hel hoses come with stainless connections instead of plain old steel on Goodridge hoses.
Hel actually supply a full length braided rear kit for the Mk4 Golf now!

They have built a kit which replaces the hardline hose to the caliper. It's 80cm long, fully braided to a colour of your choice and comes with all the fittings you need!

They sell it through their eBay shop called gobraided and its priced at £62.99

I have bought a set so I will update once fitted.
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