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Had a battered old 99' Peugeot 206 passed down from my mum when I passed my test, this got quickly traded in for my 1st VAG car ..

Brand new 2006 Seat Ibiza 1.4 Sport.

After 1 year I decided that the 1.4 wasn't the engine for me and I was bitten by the modding bug and fancied some torque,
so I found a nicely specced low mileage 2004 Bora SE TDI and traded in my ibiza with less than 5k on the clock.

This was where it all began, started with my 1st set of OEM+ wheels, then coilovers, then bags.. the list goes on.

Now the Bora is sold

Bought a 2003 B6 Audi A4 Avant 1.8T ... sold it

Bought a 2002 Golf Wagon 1.9 TDI ... sold it

Bought a 2007 Audi A4 Avant (B7) 2.0 TDI ... Now this has been sold

2016 New Year / New Car: 2016 MK7 GTI

2019 Audi S3

2019 Audi 2.0 TDI B9 Avant


Current : 2017 BMW 330e

The Bora Story...

I bought the Bora in July 2007

looking like this [ :eek:] :


2004 Bora TDI SE

Standard equipment:-

Heated black leather interior
IMMO 3 full FIS sports clocks
Heated headlight washers
Cruise control
Multi function steering wheel
Winter pack
Net Optic trim
Coincidental personal plate

Its been through a few stages over the last 4 years or so...












Current Mod List:
Smoothed boot
Black Grill
Smoothed front rub strip
Golf Anniversary skirts (reps)
4Motion front valance
Stubby antenna
Lupo/cupra stubby mirrors converted from manual to electric
GLI Tail Lights
5000k HIDs


iPod integration
Armrest delete
Air ride valves/switches in ashtray recess
Octavia vRS gear nob
Blue Alarm LED
White LED interior Lighting


R-Tech Stage 1 Remap
Pipercross panel filter


Air Lift Air Ride Imported from ECS Tuning in the US
consisting of..

Viair 380C compressor
5 Gallon Tank
1/4" lines
Airl Lift LifeStyle front shocks ( adjustable dampening)
Air Lift/Firestone Rear Bags
4 Manual Paddle Valves installed in the ashtray recess
2 twin needle gauges in the Single DIN slot

Mercedes Wheels

Anti Roll Bar removed

Chassis Leg notched for driveshaft clearance

From the beginning ...

My 1st mods were a blue alrm LED, Glasses holder and stubby aerial ( the "cheap mods for skint people" has been a very useful thread ! )

Interior :


Sitting high on stock 16's.. :-


Sitting almost as high on 17" TT's with new Eagle F1's :-


Girlfriend bought me this Oettinger style Grill


wasn't sure whether to De badge or to get a Jetta badge ...

decision made. badges have been removed :- (good idea - it's not a jetta)


Time to sort out the 4x4 tractor look, After reading up and conversing with folk I did plan on getting Koni STRT suspension but after reading alot of reviews on the Jamex/vmaxx coilovers and hearing problems about the ride height being uneven with some Koni fixed height kits I decided to book into midland VW and get the Jamex fitted last month :-


Thats all for now, planning on getting a remap in the future and maybe a gli or 4motion colour coded front valance/lip ( prob. 4motion as i am a poor poor man ! )

All opinions welcome.



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cheers buddy,

Gonna try and lower it a tad more today as the
passenger side seems to have settled higher than the drivers side. I
have now borrowed a trolley jack as the vw one does not fill me with
confidence !

Mind you, i have my old wheels in the
boot/back seats and i went over a speed bump thats usually just
fine and i got a little "scrape" sound , i guess thats my undertray[:(]

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yeah the leather was one of the selling points. that and the number plate spelling my initials (kinda)

- its basically the highline spec with the options that the previous owner added.

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?400 From Midland VW all in. [Y]

You can get slightly cheaper if you buy from ebay and fit yourself/go to a garage but not sure on wrranty issues so i chose to get them supplied and fitted at the same place just in case.

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Car looks really good mate, im after a Bora TDI as a next car in the summer, but would defenitely hold out when looking to make sure I could get that colour!

Have you considered US spec Jetta GLI lights? Would set off the rear end nicely [H]


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I have actually ! someone on vwvortex wanted to a straight swap but the problem is that we'd both be without lights for about 2-3 weeks !

I might keep an eye out though .. money is tight at the moment though!

Thanks for the comments, Ive only seen one other Bora in this colour, theres a few BGP (Blue Graphite Pearl) mk5 golfs about though.

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Its my Daily too and this height is pretty much fine. i do clip the top of the mini speed bumps but just fractionally and its just the undertray . If i can i go over them with one wheel . Still its a small price to pay for a better looking/ handling car. [^o)]
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