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Well the Golf has the better reviews, but don't think there's all that much in it. Apparently MkV sales are slow so negotiate a good discount if buying from a main dealer. Check out drive the deal, broadspeed, UKnewcars, oneswoop and micronetshowrooms for broker prices.

Have you considered the special edition A3 1.6. comes with aircon and can be had for around ?13,800 base price OTR from brokers. But be warned A3 will get a facelift with new sportback style nose next year.

Styling wise I think the A3 definately has the edge - by a country mile, and looks like it might have stronger residuals too. My personal choice would be for the A3, just seems the classier car.

At the end of the day go with what you're happiest with - you're the one owning and driving it and both are pretty good cars so doubt you'll be unhappy whatever the choice.
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