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MK IV Gamma Radio

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Hi there, can anyone let me know how to get the buttons on my Gamma radio to illuminate please.
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Done that Im afraid but nothing lights up not even the LCD, in the day time you can read what station is on but no lights.
I'm sure imagewerx will be along shortly to put you right.
i have a spare gamma if its needed. unless Chris knows a fix for it id say it was fecked.
Yeh I will check that, the main fuse box and there is one on the back of the unit I think.

Thanks for your help
I keep having a problem with the lights on the manual aircon, changed 3 bulbs now, works for a few weeks then dies [:(]
It's foobarred and would cost more to fix than it's worth I'm afraid.Time to treat yourself to a 21st century deck by the sound of it?

Just beat it as hard as you can with a big stick till it works again. If by some amazing fluke it gets slightly damaged replace it with an inferior design such as Alpine ect......
ive just took a gamma out of my golf if your after another matey [:)]
If anyone has one for sale how much would you sell it for as I would like to keep it standard if poss.

Thanks for all of your replies.
1 - 12 of 12 Posts
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