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mk 4 golf gt tdi 130 tick over

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when i leave my car to tick over for a few minutes its start to chung and engine start to rock or shake by the way its is a 2002 reg with 157 thousand on the clock
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this sounds like an idling problem have you ever clean your MAF?
it does stop when i push clutch in and no i have never cleaned the maf as i have only owned the car for just under a year it is remap aswell if that helps cheers for the help i have searched through page after page on here and it could be anything and everything according to what i have read
i am going to change the maf and temp sensor does that sound like a good place to start as it is not throwing no codes up at all check it a few times now
If it stops when you put the Clutch in then I would say its your Dual Mass Flywheel on its way out
i wouold not just throw money at it hoping it all fixes.
The MAF can be fully checked using live data and a 2 minute test drive. Which temperature sensor will you be changing, the coolant, air temperature, or fuel temperature? All sensors can be fully checked.

It could also be caused by things which dont show faults like the flywheel, fuel filter problems, blocked egr valve, stuck egr valve etc etc
Mine suffers from the erratic tickover sometimes...Quite a few of us on here have it. I think mine is DMF related but it does not stop when I press the clutch. I have all the above sensors changed. EGR is deleted and car runs perfect[:cool:] Next thing is the Injector loom as that can break down and cause rough idling
when mine did the smae thing it was the dmf
Mines recently had a new clutch and dual mass flywheel at the dealers and it's still got a very slight judder sometimes but it always stops when I put the clutch down. I might be wrong but I think there may have been a call up from Vw years ago for this. Something to Do with ecu fault I think I read somewhere.
so i am guess its the dual mass flywheel is there any other syphtoms of it been on the way out and does that mean a new clutch aswell or just the flywheel needs changing cheers guys for the help
the garage has confirm your theory lads i do need a new dmf i tried a spare maf sensor he had no diference he show me the noise diference when the clutch is in and out u can hear a rattling noise when the clutch is out cheers for your help have a happy new year
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