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Mk 4 1998 central locking problem.

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Hello.... Urgent problem!!!

I have a golf 4 5door 1998 1.8 20v. I have problem with my central locking.

First of all the passengers door is not working at all since i bought it (second hand - one previous owner) so i guess i have to remove some time the door panel to see what is going on there.

Now the main problem is that out of suddenly i have problems with my central locking with the other doors. Only when i lock the car with the key (non remote) on the drivers door... some times and most often now the drivers door lock only BUT unlocking it always work central locking. Only problems when i am locking the car.

When i lock with the button of the drivers door panel where the window control is (while sitting in the car and with the drivers door closed of course) then it works the central locking normal. It is just when i lock with the key some times and now more and more often.

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