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Metal injector pipes (One use, poorly made item?)

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Having some trouble with a fuel pipe going into injector three (If looking from front of car). It's started leaking and been getting worse over time. Tried cleaning it up and re-seating it today but it still leaked. Stuck a layer of sealant round the pipe and refitted but still leaked. Have now resorted to superglue but suspect it will still leak. Has anyone had this problem before and if so, how did you sort it? I don't see how it could randomly start leaking but nobody has had the pipes off during my ownership so it's puzzling me somewhat.
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It may have been a little bit loose and worn away the seating area witch seals the two parts together, ive had this problem in work on a truck and as a temp repair a very very small copper washer was put between the pipe and the injector top, this did the job perfect and the customer didnt come back for a new set of fuel feed pipes. so that may be worth a try.

PS - are you talking about the fuel feed pipes from the pump to the injector or the fuel return pipes witch attach to each injector sequentialy then back to the fuel pump?
Yeah could have been. I'm not sure if I have any washers that will fit but is worth a shot if it saves me trying and failing to source a new feed pipe over a bank holiday weekend.

The pipes come from the pump and go to each injector. A couple of times today I've turned the key to prime and you can hear a little crack where the pressure breaks the seal of whatever I have been using to fill the gap. It's really annoying me as I can't see how it can be leaking like this.
Tried the washer trick, hasn't worked for me. Seems no matter what I do it's getting steadily worse. It started off as a light spitting, now it's like a garden sprinkler.
unlucky mate was worth a try just incase, scrappy next then? just for the one pipe?
I'll probably try and get a new part so that it's not warped in any way. The impression I get is that these pipes are one use items like head gaskets so the only way to get a good seal is to mate a new face to the injector and let it seal itself.
So to sort this I had to source a new pipe. None of the motor factors sell them so it's a main dealer part only. Cost was £43.78 and it seems to have done the trick.
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